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hi there. I'm Malo,
I make games. And other stuff.
I made this website so that you can hear about what I do.
I also work as a Freelancer, and am available for work ! Contact me !
This website is a place where I showcase my work and the processes behind it.
Each project has its own page with explaination about how I was involved on it.
You can just scroll down to get an idea of the kind of games I worked on, but don't hesitate to consult a game-page if you're curious about what I've done on it.
You can also check out my resume/bio and contact me.
Contact infos here
·Student Life·

Adventure game for children of all ages where you cut the world as you please.

Made in team of 6 in CNAM-ENJMIN.

Worked on:

Overal Design


Festival submitions and booths.


It's Paper guy!

I graduated from ENJMIN in 2019. and it's been an amazing experience.
There, I've learned a lot about working in a team (up to 12 people), and  was lucky enough to showcase my student games at many festivals
(It's paper guy was even selected for the IGF festival)


output-onlinepngtools (1).png

Gliding game with bossfight and spectacular moves.

Worked on:

Camera, Controller, Character


Shoot'em up where you take control of enemies.

Worked on:

Level Design


·Professional Experiences·
My first professional experience in the game industry was in a narrative games studio, Midnight Mood Studio, as a Game (& Narrative) Designer.
I worked on several projects, creating branching narrative and making sure the players would have the experience we wanted them to have. 

Midnight Mood

Unannounced projects

Worked on:


Narrative Branching

Narrative structure



Inovative Narrative game

for 2 players

Worked on:


Narrative Branching

"Last minute Polish"


Poetic Adventure game

I worked on:


Interactive Writing

Since 2019 I've been working as a Freelancer for various companies, on both short-term and long-term contracts, either integrating content, writing detailed documentation, or being there as a consultant, depending on their needs.
Here are a few of my clients:
·Personal Experiments·
   Bataille des oeils
Alt Controller

What I tried: make a competitive eye tracker game installation.

What I learned: The weirder your installation looks, the more attractive it will be.

Portal 2 level editor

What I tried:

Use already existing mechanics to create dynamics I did not see in the original game.

What I've learned:

Playtests are important

Puzzle Design is hard

   Tron at beach
Physical game

What I tried: make a game during my day at the beach.

What I learned: A simple game can be super attractive for players.

I've been making games on my own for a long time now, I can't count how many game jams I've done, both alone and in teams.
Making games has been one of my main hobbies and remained so when videogames started to become my job.
I tend to do more experimental stuff when making games on my own, it's a good way to try out new stuff and get inspired for more serious tasks.

What i tried: make a game controlled only with a microphone.

What I learned: Player don't always  play in the funnier way they can.

·Non-game creations·

Other creative activities I do when I'm not making games.

I've been creating things in many ways for many years. I've done songwriting, screenwriting, I did storyboarding for comic books, and other things. I also write articles about game design on my blog from time to time.
I'm always seeking for new ways to express myself, right now I'm writing a stand up comedy show, performing every week in open mics to iterate on what I've been writing before.
·Other infos:
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